XRP – what is it? How to get started, reviews, forum.

What does XRP mean?

XRP is a cryptocurrency running on the RippleNet digital payment platform. XRP Ledger is an open-sourceproject that is not based on Blockchain, but on a distributed database.

Who invented XRP?

The Ripple payment platform was invented in 2004 by Ryan Fugger,and built by Jed McCeleb and Chris Larson in 2012. At that time, another cryptocurrency name was OpenCoin.

How does XRP work?

XRP was created to become a fast, cheap and scalable alternative to cryptocurrencies and cash payment platforms such as SWIFT. The RippleNet book is maintained by the global Ripple community. XRP Ledger processes transactions approximately every 3 seconds.

How much does XRP cost?

The current price of XRP is below $1. It may change in the near future.

Where can I buy XRP?

Cryptocurrency can be purchased on any exchange offering trading in it.

Is it worth investing in XRP?

It is difficult to answer this question because cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile and can easily succumb to speculation.


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    Cryptocurrencies are worthless. Anyone can write an algorithm and then mine as much cryptocurrency as they want.

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    There is no need to argue in advance that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have no value. BTC used to be worth a few USD, and now it costs tens of thousands. Just let everyone look at the price chart and wish they had invested sooner.

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    Ripple is a blockchain based payment system. It is a very popular open-source cryptocurrency. Its popularity is due to its speed and lower fees than in the case of some cryptocurrencies.

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