We checked what billionaires say about Bitcoin.

As you can see, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unprecedented increase in value. Bitcoin has long since crossed the border of tens of thousands of dollars. What's more, investors are also beginning to look favorably at the possibility of investing funds in cryptocurrencies.

How were cryptocurrencies born?

The idea of blockchain appeared much earlier than the creation of Bitcoin (2008). It was described in 1991 by American cryptologists. However, at that time, no one came up with the idea that such technology could serve the functioning of the digital currency.

Blockchain can be looked at in the category of a database, recording and storing information about executed transactions. Data stored in one-way blocks is not saved on a central server. The registry is completely decentralized. Such technology, despite being associated mainly with cryptocurrencies, may also have other applications, for example: concluding transactions, storing digital identity, securing voting systems.

What do the richest think about Bitcoin?

As the price of cryptocurrencies rose, it attracted the interest of big players in the field of investment, including billionaires. However, you can still come across the voices of critics who believe that cryptocurrencies are a speculative bubble. Despite the high capitalization of the Bitcoin market, its price one day can be high,only to fall the next day. He is wild, unpredictable, rampant and susceptible to the statements of influential people. These are the main reasons for the wave of criticism from the people of the financial world.

When Warren Buffet, a well-known opponent of cryptocurrencies, received the first Bitcoins as a gift, he joked that he would prefer to give his grandson a drop in US dollars.

As you can find on websites, Michael Saylor stated that his company has purchased Bitcoins worth over a billion USD. As a digital currency enthusiast, he admitted that his company owns $4.6 billion invested in Bitcoin. As he believes, this may be one of the better options for storing funds.

On one of the websites you can read that Ray Dalio recommended investing in gold bullion as a hedge of funds against high inflation. Currently, the same is said about Bitcoin. He does not consider himself an expert on cryptocurrencies, but nevertheless their advantages were able to catch his attention. According to him, they are a considerable achievement, an alternative to gold and a guarantee of the privacy of transactions.

Mark Cuban, according to one of the websites, until recently claimed that Bitcoin is worth less than bananas. As he admitted a time ago that he invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, although he did not say how many he owns. Currently, he seems delighted with the cryptocurrency market, although he points out that their high volatility of the exchange rate requires him to have nerves of steel. He also draws attention to the hitherto undiscovered possibilities of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin itself.

Reading further online resources, Bill Gates, the initial opponent of cryptocurrencies is currently rather neutral. He believes that the digital asset market is more for billionaires than for the average person. He claims that although cryptocurrencies are not a bad thing, he does not like the lack of transparency and decentralization of cryptocurrencies.

According to Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin is inferior to tulip flowers, and the business based on it is a scam and he does not have a raison d'être.

According to the content posted on one of the websites, Larry Fink stated that Bitcoin can be used for money laundering. All because transactions are anonymous and on a global scale. Despite the undoubted drawbacks, however, it is a currency with considerable potential.

What's more, the websites reported that Kenneth Rogoff does not know whether Bitcoin is a swollen bubble that can burst at any time or maybe a valuable investment. After some time, he expressed the opinion that the situation on the Bitcoin market will eventually collapse.

Who is one of the richest Bitcoin holders?

We are talking about the FBI, which operates on the network, fighting organized crime and taking over digital resources. For example, during the crash of Silk Road, 144,000 BTC was seized. Their owner had previously made mistakes, which caused the FBI to reach him, despite the fact that he operated on the so-called dark net.

Cryptocurrencies cause enthusiasm and controversy.

Influential people and billionaires prefer to keep their distance when approaching the subject of cryptocurrencies. In their opinion, there are much better ways to invest money. Despite this, there are also those who took a risk, which paid off very much for them. They are now millionaires. Among the lucky holders of virtual currencies there are also celebrities. Whichever way you look at it, despite the negative comments and controversy, there have been many rich people in the world who have made their fortune by investing in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin appeared on the market more than 10 years ago, and now it is worth more than many companies that own globally recognizable brands. According to experts, there has never been such a technology or solution in the world that would gain value so quickly.


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