The most popular cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in.

In 2020, there was a difficult economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The global crisis has exacerbated uncertainty and fear among investors, and rising inflation has drawn attention to cryptocurrencies as a possible alternative to hedge funds against recession. Many experts believe that both 2021 and 2022 should be conducive to an increase in cryptocurrency prices. According to them, Blockchain technology is a similar revolution as the introduction of universal access from the Internet, the invention of machine learning technology or the spread of electricity. What cryptocurrencies can you invest in in the near future?


There are cryptocurrencies that disappear soon after appearing on the market. Despite such a trend, Bitcoin still remains the king of virtual currencies. According to analysts' forecasts, Bitcoin may reach even higher prices than the current ones, which are already at a high level. Where do such expectations come from? They are the result of growing demand among institutions,rising inflation and pessimism in the perception of current policies. Institutional and individual investors are looking for further opportunities to protect capital, and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, give the impression of an ideal solution.


This very promising cryptocurrency has recorded great results in the era of pandemic reality. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. According to many people, it can dethrone the king of cryptocurrencies, because the use of Ethereum can be future-proof and wide-ranging.


The goal of the creators of Ripple was to create a 100% secure, cheap and fast financial payment system. Why can Ripple be one of the best, investable cryptocurrencies? Ripple is based on a distributed ledger, which may be an alternative proposal to SWIFT. As the European Commission encourages the transition to digital financing and the use of crypto assets in the financial sector, this has an extremely positive impact on Ripple's prospects.


Launched on the Ethereum network, the TRON project was aimed at the entertainment industry. The TRON environment acts as a platform for exchanging content,where in exchange for sharing it, you receive remuneration in TRX.

Bitcoin Cash.

Cryptocurrency emerged in 2017 as a faster and more scalable blockchain. Its advantage is to handle more transactions. In the long run, Bitcoin Cash could become the main Blockchain for making online payments.


It is a very affordable cryptocurrency with a short time required for mining and a high block reward. However, it cannot be considered the cryptocurrency of the year, although it is usually counted among the more popular ones. According to some analysts, the price of Litecoin can reach up to $ 600 per unit.


During the market correction, the cryptocurrency recorded a much smaller decline than BTC. The great advantage of this project is the ability to process more than 1 million transactions per second. Due to the gradual spread of cryptocurrency, its price is increasing.


This platform is designed for processing transactions between IoT devices.

Stella Lumens

The premise of this project is to bridge the gap created between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The project is working with many large companies to become a global, digital payment method. Its positive side is the very low cost of the transaction.


The cryptocurrency community considers Polkadot to be an "internet of blockchains" because of its accumulation of hundreds of independent blockchains interacting with each other. Scalability and cheap transactions testify, according to some people, that Polkadot can displace Ethereum.


This is a very interesting cryptocurrency, especially since the well-known billionaire added it to his investment portfolio and admitted to using it. According to some people, the technological potential, support of supporters and supply can make Polygon among the top three cryptocurrencies.


It does not attract as much attention as some other cryptocurrencies. In comparison, it is more stable than them, thanks to the association with "paper" currencies such as the euro or the US dollar. Investors less inclined to the risks associated with investing are more likely to invest in it. They consider it a store of value and a medium of exchange. Due to its stability, it is unlikely to be suitable for a speculative investment.

Stellar Lumens.

This is a very promising project in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its market capitalization continues to grow. The goal set by Stellar Lumens is integration with the traditional banking system. These are high ambitions that can ensure further growth in the future.

Binance Coin

The value of Binance Coin is growing at a tremendous rate. Many consider it a thoughtless investment due to its support by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Analysts predict that Binance Coin will continue to strengthen over time.


A feature of this cryptocurrency is the full anonymity of the transfer between users. Hence, it became very popular on the Dark Net. It is intentionally created in a non-transparent way so that the identity, amount and details of the transaction are completely anonymous. It is believed that the degree of privacy of Monero surpasses even Bitcoin, hence its popularity in the market.


Its advantage is the speed of transactions and high network bandwidth. How the project focuses on improving the scalability of blockchain networks. As people associated with Solana will find, it can handle 50,000 transactions per second without losing decentralization.


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