Terra – what is it? How to get started, reviews, forum.

What is Terra?

Terra is a blockchain protocol that uses stable coins. According to the documentation, Terra is a combination of value stability with wide application and fast settlements.

Who invented Terra?

The cryptocurrency was built in 2018 by creators named Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. Their goal was to build a design that would enable speed, stability and usability.

How does Terra work?

Terra combines the stability of fiat coins with the benefits of cryptocurrencies. It uses an algorithm that adjusts supply based on demand.

How much does Terra cost?

On the day of publication of the entry, Terra costs several dozen dollars. The price will probably change in the coming days.

Where can I buy Terra?

The cryptocurrency is listed on several different cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of them can be traded with the help of fiat currencies, stablecoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Is it worth investing in Terra?

As with other cryptocurrencies, the price of Terra is subject to change. We leave it to our readers to form their own opinion about cryptocurrency and find the right moment to invest.


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  1. Author

    People, stop writing crap. They will turn off your electricity for a few days, you will see how much your cryptocurrencies are worth. It will be a drama for some people.

  2. Author

    All currencies have only a contractual value and this is the case even for cryptocurrencies. The same is true even for works of art. What material value do images have? It is all a matter of human agreement.

  3. Author

    Terra continues to grow in importance. It may turn out to be a very promising cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say how Terra prices will shape in the future.

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