Purpose of page creators

On the btcinvestcamp.com website, we have collected information about cryptocurrencies available on the web. We wanted to inform you about what cryptocurrencies are available for investment. We took information and opinions from m.in from the forum and dedicated pages. There they discussed the possibilities of choosing cost-effective virtual coins. The articles available on the website describe virtual money and blockchain technology based on the data shared about them from their websites.

Particular attention was paid to the safety of readers, important from the point of view of the investor, who wants to invest funds in good investments. Comments under our articles are only previews of readers of the site, representing their own point of view.


  • An environmental engineer by education. She completed her studies in Poznań. Despite his title, he deals with modern methods of investing money. On the website, she decided to present ways to increase the value of the accumulated funds. In addition, she deals with training and financial education.