Cryptocurrency miners also use gaming laptops.

Some time ago, players stated that the blame for the destruction of the graphics card market lies with cryptocurrency miners. If that were not enough, there are also delays in supply chains, which only exacerbates the crisis in prices and availability. Unfortunately, in the era of missing equipment, gaming laptops are also beginning to be missing.

Dedicated systems are no longer enough.

Cryptocurrency miners have ceased to be satisfied with the use of systems dedicated to mining digital currencies some time ago. They went back to using the old, proven method of digging with the GPU. Since manufacturers due to the above-mentioned problems can not supply the market with enough graphics cards,some of the farms have decided to use gaming laptops with mobile RTX cards. Such earlier assumptions are now a fact. The miners' use of gaming laptops began to have a negative impact on this market segment as well. There are also reports that miners began to persuade manufacturersto create computers with cheap components, and at the same time with powerful graphics chips. Such laptops will probably work only for miners when working on cryptocurrency mining.

Sale of gaming laptops.

Interestingly, the increase in sales of gaming laptops was recorded for the first quarter of 2021. The reason may be the poor availability of graphics cards and the interest of miners. Such translations are all the more justified because this period is usually relatively calm compared to the previous quarter, which falls on Christmas. The unusualness of the situation shows the scale of the problem. Let's just hope that there is no situation in which laptops dedicated to gamers will also become a scarce commodity.

Laptops dedicated to diggers?

MSI presented its high-end laptops designed for gamers as a tool for mining cryptocurrencies. Well, it is true that the manufacturer can promote his equipment at his discretion, but among the players it raises a certain crunch. So this is a problem so serious that laptops equipped with graphics from NVIDIA are also missing,since they are used to mine cryptocurrencies. Perhaps MSI decided to change the target group, wanting to offer equipment to ETH miners.

Bull market on cryptocurrencies.

It resulted in a significant increase in the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. Ether found itself in a position where it cost about $1600. The demand for equipment for miners has a significant impact on the availability and prices of graphics chips. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer the question of what effects this situation will have in the long term.

Many experts say that in some time we may be flooded with waste electronic equipment,coming from cryptocurrency farms. There may then be an opportunity to buy used equipment at a lower price.


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