An Asian business idea using cryptocurrencies.

Internet cafes are now associated with the 90s, when access to the Internet was not as common as it is today. Many people gathered there to check their e-mail or simply browse the web. These times have passed rather irretrievably, especially when mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets became widespread. It is safe to say that to use the Internet, you just need to reach into your pocket.

Internet cafes have been forced to close their operations or make changes. Some of them decided to invest in more powerful equipment and open up to online game players. Many people liked this solution, but another blow aimed at Internet cafes turned out to be the coronavirus pandemic. As it turned out, the lockdown almost completely deprived Internet cafes of profits.

Internet cafes in the era of the pandemic.

As you could learn from the media, some of the Asian Internet cafes threatened with bankruptcy decided… close on customers and take care of cryptocurrency mining. Many of them had sufficiently powerful computers to be able to deal with mining, it was enough to get powerful graphics cards. Cafes that also provided services for the sale of computer equipment had easier access to them.

Cryptocurrencies have become a lifesaver.

The change in the business profile had an unexpected effect. Current cryptocurrency prices are so high that many of the Internet cafes have been saved. Interestingly, some of them could boast of an even greater profit than from previous activities. Since the new business has become more profitable, it should not be expected that such cafes will quickly return to traditional activities.

Computer equipment in times of crisis.

Currently, we can observe constantly rising prices of virtual currencies. The inflation of traditional money has only accelerated the growth of interest. More and more people have decided to start mining cryptocurrencies. Some even say that we are dealing with a worldwide madness at the point of digital currency. Is that wrong? Reasons to complain have mainly gamers,because they have ceased to get a large part of the produced graphics cards. Many of them "landed" in crypto miners, while those that found themselves on the market reached exorbitant prices, significantly exceeding the cost of buying the rest of the computer equipment.


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    The real value of cryptocurrencies is zero. All you need to do now is wait for the speculative bubble to burst and for the market to stand up for its own. But first, the rich have yet to earn.

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    Bitcoin is a huge speculative bubble. I don’t know how much it can be pumped, but it is certain that it will burst with a loud bang. Then you will see how much your digital assets are actually worth.

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    People buy Bitcoin and lose control of their finances. The cryptocurrency market is too young and prone to manipulation. It is rather a field for speculators to show off.

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